Our ParentsNext program will support parents with compulsory activity requirements to think about their career goals, study and work pathways. 

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We will work with each parent to tailor a program to maximise attendance and completion and to support their goals by linking them to activities and services in the local community.


Why refer to our ParentsNext Program?

Helping people with Careers and Training support is our core business. We are focused on long term careers with meaningful job outcomes. We can guarantee a high facilitator ratio with monthly face to face meetings with our Career Coaches to set education and employment goals. Parents will be involved in all aspects of the program design. We will develop a program where Parents are supported in a way that compliments their activity requirements and is flexible around their family commitments.

Our unique approach is to offer training Hubs that are welcoming, safe and family friendly. Many of our Hubs are complete with training Cafés allowing us to offer “real work like” training.

A face-to-face initial meeting will be conducted following referral, where we will work closely with parents to identify early intervention assistance.

Our qualified Career Coaches will work with parents to support their education and employment goals.

Our program will support parents by:

  • Offering group activities to increase their confidence in the skills and experience they have, increase their motivation and resilience to begin looking for work.
  • Provide career support and tailored assistance to identify goals and increase their understanding of opportunities available in their local labor market.
  • Providing assistance to access suitable child care.
  • Referrals to other available activities including Accredited Training, Transition to Work, NEIS and Skilling Queenslanders for Work.
  • Explore the value of work experience and voluntary roles and create industry awareness activities to increase understanding of employer’s expectations, and to increase knowledge of a variety of roles available to broaden career interests.


Participation Plan

Every Parent will have a personalised Participation Plan which outlines the steps they will need to take to pursue employment opportunities based on their transferable skills, local labour market and which also covers further training pathways and supports to connect with local services.

We will assess the progress of each parent and provide a written Transition Plan keeping employment providers well informed.

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