Career Transition Assistance


Career Transition Assistance is designed to help mature age Job Seekers build their confidence and become more competitive in their local labour market.

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Work with Us

Work with us to develop training and industry awareness experiences that are aligned with Job Seekers and Jobsearch barriers.

Partner with Us

Partner with us to support Job Seekers overcome employment blockages. This may include practical assistance funded through the Employment Fund.

Industry Experience

Support our staff to work with employers to create industry experience placements, promoting ongoing job offerings through wage subsidies and work experience.

About the Program

Designer Life's Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program will help you discover the right pathway into work, whether you are returning to work, looking for new opportunities or wanting to change your career path.

Our CTA course runs over eight weeks and provides practical assistance to mature aged Job Seekers. Through tailored career planning and digital literacy training, the program increases participants' employability skills and competitiveness in their local job market. The course consists of both core and elective elements that are delivered in a flexible environment and will be tailored to job seeker’s needs.

Our facilitators are highly qualified, and will work with you to develop a program where you are supported in a way that complements your job plan.

  • Actively work with participants to tailor and develop an individual career pathway plan that includes participant’s employment goals and a marketing plan.
  • Assist participants to create a professional resume and cover letter that they can use to market themselves to potential employers.
  • Coordinate and provide exclusive opportunities for participants to participate in industry awareness experiences with local industry and employer partners.

CTA is facilitated at Designer Life Career Centres in your local region.

Talk to your Jobactive Provider, or contact us on (07 3333 2055) to find a location.