Leslie is a proud Indigenous man, who showed great determination, eagerness and openness in his training. Upon commencing the Designer Life EST course, Leslie communicated that he wanted to work in security, but was facing numerous challenges. He wasn’t quite sure how to find and apply for suitable work.

Throughout his course, Leslie worked with his trainers to identify past experiences and highlight his relevant skills and abilities. After multiple interviews for various positions, Leslie applied for a traineeship in Hospitality, and made such an outstanding impression that the interviewer offered him the position on the spot. Leslie’s ultimate goal is to start an Indigenous food and cultural experience business, where he can mentor young Indigenous people in turning their lives around and share Indigenous knowledge, heritage and culture.

His Designer Life trainers say his traineeship is a great way to develop skills and can be used as a steppingstone to achieve his goal. Leslie told us that Designer Life has helped him see opportunity, believe in himself and shine a light for him to find his way out of his darkness. “It has been a great experience being here, I learnt so much. I will be forever grateful for my time here and the unconditional support and encouragement from you all. Thank you.”