Billy commenced EST PaTH Block Two with Designer Life in April 2021. Upon commencing, Billy advised that he had been out of the workforce for 6 months. However, he didn’t let that bring him down as throughout the program, he continued to take advantage of the resources on offer to him, as well as the feedback and advice from his peers and trainer.

His job searching skills greatly improved, as well as his presentation and the quality of his applications. In his last week of Block 1, he took part in a job interview for a role with a Fencing and Fabrication business, as the Maintenance Team Member for this local area. Billy was able to let us know that he had received a call to say that he is now employed on their Maintenance Team.

"I am thankful that the EST program encouraged me to have a go. My trainer and peers supported my choices, and gave me the confidence to apply for a wider variety of jobs than I have been applying for previously. As a result, I am now employed full time, and looking to gain a career in an area that I enjoy."