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Leisa is the founding owner of Designer Life. She was inspired to set up a business which provided education and training for people to make a better life for themselves. Using her wealth of experience in counselling, education and training, she established Designer Life in 2001.

Leisa is driven to help individuals find their full potential and overcome barriers, and she has achieved great success in many remote and disadvantaged communities as a result. Underpinning her ongoing success is her strong sense of social equity and commitment to life-long learning.

The Brisbane-based company Designer Life is now a prominent provider in the training-to-work jobs market. Since it's inception, Leisa has created various programs to increase confidence in the students and increase the ability for jobseekers to gain clarity with their career pathway.

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Designer Life is a wholly owned and operated Australian business. We are a leading vocational education and training (VET) provider, with a demonstrated track record of engaging the long-term unemployed. We achieve this through innovation, supreme commitment to client care, empathy and passion.

Leisa brings over 25 years of experience within the education and training sector to Designer Life which is complimented by a vast array of qualifications ranging from Post Graduate Level and Diploma level over a vast range of subjects including Business, Human Resources, Training and Assessment, Community Services, Employment Services, Marketing, Training and Education and Social Science Counselling.

We're experts in

  • About us 13Vocational education and training (VET)
  • Supporting Indigenous communities to increase employment opportunities
  • Supporting early school-leavers in readiness for the workforce
  • Creating employment opportunities through work placements
  • Developing and delivering programs, which are relevant to today’s rapidly evolving industries and sectors.

Our differentiators include

  • An established presence in remote and Indigenous communities
  • 91% average completion rate across our programs
  • Trained counsellors on staff
  • All staff are fully qualified in the areas in which they deliver
  • Supreme client care to help those most in need


To continue as one of Australia’s premier training providers for: Indigenous Australia, early school-leavers, the long-term unemployed and disadvantaged Australians.


To achieve our vision by 2025. This will be achieved by delivering unsurpassed levels of client care, and innovative comprehensive training, that is tailored to our clients’ diverse needs. We will optimise employment opportunities for our clients, and robustly prepare them for stable on-going employment that will lead to independence and financial stability.


Our Business Model

Designer Life’s business model is surprisingly simplistic, yet it has proven to be incredibly effective – year in, year out.

In fact, our business was established based upon our deep-seated passion for education, combined with a burning desire to help people succeed in life. Because of this, client wellbeing is at the epicentre of every step in our business decision-making process.

And, as a consequence of this, Designer Life has recorded exponential growth year-over-year for the past 19 years. For us, organisational success has been achieved not from commercial greed, but rather though the provision of exceptionally high levels of client care, the love we have for training, and of course the personal satisfaction we get from seeing our clients become independent and self-supporting members of society.

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